How To Tuck Jeans Into Boots (A Guide for Men & Women)

To tuck or not to tuck? This is a question often posed by new wearers of classic cowboy boots. Whatever you decide, it's up to you if fashion or functionality plays a role in your decisions! The rules for men and women boots are slightly different so we'll go over exactly how to tuck your jeans into your boots!

Tucking Your Jeans into Your Cowboy Boots

Tucking Jeans into Cowboy Boots

Reasons to Tuck:

  • Protection against pests
  • Keeps you clean/dry
  • Shows off the stitching of your boot

Men should only tuck their jeans for pure utility and function when the situation requires it. Say you're out in the sticks doing work, tucking in your jeans provides protection in tick-infested areas. Or maybe you'll find yourself in mud, manure, or puddles and want to stay as clean and dry as possible. Outside of situations like that, you'll look pretty ridiculous wearing your jeans inside your cowboy boots. 

Women have a few more options. If you're wearing skinny jeans, tucking them into your boots are probably your only option. The good news is, you'll look great doing so! It's a fun and playful look. We don't suggest tucking in your jeans if wearing a bootcut. The extra fabric on the bootcut will make you look like you're working on a crabbing vessel. 

Tucking in Jeans Cowboy Boots


Keeping Your Jeans Untucked

Reasons to untuck:

  • Cleaner look
  • Won't stand out in "non-Western" environments

Keeping your jeans untucked from your cowboy boots is the main trend for men today. It looks stylish and great for a night on the town. Even if you plan on doing work, some prefer to wear jeans over the shafts to protect the boots from unnecessary scratches and damage. Most would prefer replacing an inexpensive pair of jeans compared to a handcrafted pair of cowboy boots. We suggest using a pair of bootcut jeans for untucking. Depending on the model, you mind find a pair of straight leg denim that'll you'll be able to untuck and give you a really clean look. We advise against skinny jeans they'll be difficult to stretch over a boot shaft. 

For women, it's also important to have the right cut of jeans to wear your boots untucked. You'll want to stay away from the form-fitting skinny jeans and opt for a pair of boot cuts that would allow for more room. 

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