Ranch Work Wear (What to Wear for a Day of Work on the Ranch)

Are you going to the family farm to help out? Or maybe your wife is hinting that your work clothes are falling apart. Whatever your situation, here are some of our suggestions on what to wear while working on the ranch.


What Footwear to Wear for Work

Leave the open toe sandals, sneakers, and those weird five-toe minimalist shoe things at home. Working on the ranch poses significant hazards to your feet. Your best bet is to wear a pair of boots. Cowboy work boots are great for the field as the tall shafts prevent dirt and debris from going inside the boot. They also protect your ankles from the brush. 

  Our Square Toe Workboots feature a rubber outsole that makes working in slippery conditions a breeze.
Our El Dorado Western Work Boots are great for a day on the ranch as they have a low heal making it easier to walk.

Tops For Work

Most people will wear a throwaway cotton shirt if they're doing any work in the back yard. While this may be ok for some people, you're eventually going to run out of shirts if you work outside often. An excellent basic cotton shirt is the Carhartt K87 workwear t-shirt. Since 1992, this has been a staple in any working man's wardrobe. Its heavyweight cotton will last for a very long time.

On hot days, you may want to ditch the cotton as it absorbs sweat and moisture. Consider a moisture-wicking fabric like polyester. Dickies' Temp-iQ performance cooling shirts feature a polyester blend that'll keep you cooler on those summer days.

Long sleeve work shirts provided warmth on mild days but also protects your forearms from scratches. We like Wrangler's cowboy shirts as they are roomy to work around in and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.



Your best bet is to go with a pair of denim or cotton canvas as it'll protect you best from hazards. You ideally want a sturdy pair that can handle abrasions and repel stains. We're a big fan of the Duluth Trading Fire Hose Cargo Work Pants. They have deep cargo pockets for tools, and the material is soft enough, so you don't feel like you're wearing cardboard. If you're on a budget, Dickies' Double-Knee work pant has been a long time industry staple.


There are many things you may want to consider having on you to make your work day a bit easier!

Headwear - A simple baseball cap will help keep the sun out your eyes. Cowboy hats work well as they better protect your neck and face from sunburn. In cold weather, a wool beanie will keep your head warm while wicking moisture while you sweat.

Bandana - Having one in your back pocket can serve many purposes. You can blow your nose, but you can keep cool by soaking it in water and tying it around your neck. In an emergency, it can serve as a bandage.

Outwear - Having a great work jacket to keep you warm is essential for comfort. The Carhartt Men's Duck Quilted Flannel-Lined Active Jac is a tried and true favorite.

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