What Socks to Wear with Cowboy Boots (A Guide)

Socks for Cowboy Boots

 "What socks do I wear with cowboy boots?" is a question we get often from our customers. With so many socks on the market, we'll guide you on what features to look for as well as some of our favorite socks to wear with Soto Boots or any other cowboy boot you may own.

Features to Look For

You may think you're no show socks that you wear with sneakers may cut it but you'll be in for a crummy day. In general, you want a sock that is tall that goes above your calf muscle. Ideally, you'll want a fabric that is moisture wicking and a sock with a cushioned bottom. 

Good General Purpose Cowboy Boot Socks

We're a fan of the Wrangler Men's Western Boot Socks. They're made out of a moisture wicking fabric and have good arch support for long days on your feet. They're also a good bargain at under $20 for a 3 pack. 

Cowboy Boot Socks for Warm Weather

Merino wool is one of our favorite fabrics. We like them because they keep your foot dry in the summer while still keeping you relatively warm in the winter. They also keep your feet from stinking up your boots! We especially like Darn Tough's Westerner Over-the-Calf Light Cushion socks.  They feature light cushioning so they'll be comfortable on your feet for hot days.

Cowboy Boot Socks for Cold Weather

You'll need some warm socks if you're planning on doing some work in cold weather or going on a winter hunt for white tail season. We like Carnhartt Cold Weather Boot Socks for that purpose. The thick wool blend will keep you warm but it won't be too bulky. These socks come in four different colors and feature a cushioned bottom for long days.

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