Women's Guide to Cowgirl Boots

Are you looking for your first pair of cowgirl boots? Perhaps you already own a few pairs and are looking to add to your closet. We'll break down the different categories of boots, what to look for when making a purchase, and best places to wear them!

Where and How to Wear Cowgirl Boots 

Country Music Concerts and Dancing

 You don’t want to seem out of place at a country music concert! While a pair of Chuck Taylor's or heels might be good for other concerts, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb at a country music concert without a pair of cowgirl boots. A pair of cowgirl boots perform great at festivals. Often the grounds are grass and dirt. Unlike sandals or opened toe shoes, boots will keep your feet dry and clean.

City Life 

Just because you’re around the big city doesn’t mean you’ll look out of place in a pair of cowgirl boots. You’ll look right at home in cities like Nashville, Austin, or Phoenix in a pair of cowgirl boots. You never know when you might come across a great country dive bar!

Football Tailgating

If you’re serious about college football than more than likely your team is in an area where cowgirl boots are the norm. The best college football conference is the SEC where country life and football go hand in hand. Even at schools like Iowa or Colorado, you’ll see plenty of girls wearing cowgirl boots while cheering on their team. And why not? Often tailgating is done on grassy lots that quickly become muddy in fall weather. A good pair of quality cowgirl boots will keep your foot warm and dry. And after the day they’re easy to wash off.

Country Themed Weddings 

Country themed weddings are a hot trend right now. Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a barn wedding sometime soon! You’ll want to look the part with a great pair of boots for a special occasion. If you’re the bride, you’ll want to look best on your special day. There are many country wedding boots that are white in color that will match perfectly with your wedding dress. 

Getting Dirty 

Perhaps you’re the girl that doesn’t mind putting some work on the farm. Cowgirl boots are great for a hard day’s work. They’ll keep your feet protected from the elements and provide all-day comfort.

Different Types of Cowgirl Boots

 Classic Cowgirl Boots

Classic Cowgirl Boots 

These are the most traditional cowgirl boots. High-quality cowgirl boots feature premium materials such as genuine leather. These typically arrive in more traditional colors like black or brown. Traditional western boots usually feature classic Western styled scrollwork. Brands such as Soto Boots will always use premium handmade construction techniques such as Goodyear welt stitching. Our line of classic cowgirl boots features all of the Western stylings you come to expect. 

Wedding Cowgirl Boots

Wedding Boots

These wedding cowgirl boots are perfect for your big day! Soto Boots has great wedding boots that feature white leather that’ll look great with your dress. Plus since our wedding boots have cushioned insoles, they’ll be more comfortable in any heels you might wear.

Wildflower Cowgirl Boot

Embroidered / Fashion Cowgirl Boots

Sometimes being plain won’t do! Who doesn’t like to play dress up? Embroidered and Fashion inspired cowgirl boots have extra work done to them to add that extra bit of pizazz. Our hand embroidered cowgirl boots feature intricate designs like flowers and traditional Western scrollwork. Some chic cowgirl boots will feature gem embellishments that will catch the light on a would surely make you can stand out on the dance floor. Don’t forget about colors! Unlike traditional cowgirl boots that normally come in black or brown, many fashion-forward colors come in fun colors such as turquoise and pink. Check out our line of embroidered cowgirl boots!

Square Toe Cowgirl Boots

Square Toe Cowgirl Boots

Looking for a bit of comfort? Many cowgirl boots can be comfortable (See our blog post on What to Do if Cowboy Boots Hurt your Feet). Sometimes, you want a comfortable pair of boots for all day use. Square Toe cowgirl boots give more room for your toes and those with wider feet. Our Broad Toe Cowgirl boots will do just that!

Harness Cowgirl Boots

Harness Cowgirl Boots 

Are you into motorcycle riding? A great pair of boots will help protect your legs from hot exhaust pipes and debris while riding. Soto Boots has many harness cowgirl boots that’ll make you look good on the highway. Our harness boots are some great examples!


Cowgirl Boots Construction

There are several components that go into a pair of cowboy boots. Some key things to look for are:

  • Pull Straps - Used to help easily put on a pair of boots.
  • Interior Lining - Boots are usually lined leather or fabric. Leather lining is better but usually costs more. They help keep your feet comfortable by keeping them warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Leather lining will also conform to your feet over time. Fabric lining is more inexpensive but can wear out quicker than leather and can retain odors more easily. 
  • Boot Shaft - Traditional cowboy boots have a tall shaft that go up to about the mid-calf. This provides the best protection during riding or being out in the bush. Ankle cowgirl boots or booties are gaining popularity and are good for casual wear and going out.
  • Heel - Traditional cowgirl boots have a Cuban heel which is great for riding. Many boots today have a squared off heel which makes it easier for running or walking.
  • Welt - This is the method of how the upper part of the boots attaches to the sole. Most Soto Boots use Goodyear welting which is a tried and true method ensuring water resistance and a clean aesthetic. 
  • Sole - The bottom part of the boot which touches the ground. Many traditional cowgirl boots use leather but many now use rubber which adds slip resistance. 
  • Toe: Toes are usually pointed, round, or square. We explore more about cowboy boot toes below. 
  • Vamp: The most visible part of the cowgirl boot which comprises the front foot area. This usually has decorative elements like embroidery or floral patterns.
  • Insole: The interior part of the cowgirl boot where your foot rests. Soto Boots uses a cushioned insole for ultimate comfort.

Cowgirl Boot Toe Styles

  • Pointed Toes - Pointed toe cowgirl boots come in two types. A J Toe has a sharp pointed toe that rounds out at the tip. A D Toe, also known as a Snip Toe, has a pointed flat tip. More traditional western boots feature pointed toes as they make it easier to slide a foot into a stirrup while riding a horse. Our Wildflower cowgirl boots are a great snip toe cowgirl boot.
  • Square Toes - More contemporary cowboy boots feature square toes. Some even have broad square toes which allow more room for those with wide feet. Our Broad Toe Cowgirl boots are a great example.
  • Round Toes - Round toe cowboy boots come in two types. An R Toe is tapered with a round tip. A roper toe is wider throughout and has a u-shape. Our Monterrey cowgirl boots have a round toe.

Cowgirl Boot Design Elements

 Embroidered Cowgirl Boots

Embroidered Cowgirl Boots 

The devil is in the details! If you love fine artistic craftsmanship look no further than cowgirl with embroidery. Our Camellia Embroidered Cowgirl Boot is one of our favorites.

Embroidered Cowgirl Boots


Inlays take a skilled artisan to make. First, they take a piece of leather and cut shapes and designs into it, they then stitch it on top of another piece of leather. Our Turquoise Rose cowgirl boots show off this technique.

Two Tone Cowgirl Boots

Two Tone Design

Sometimes one color won't do. Two-tone designs use different color leathers on the shaft and foot of the boot giving you versatility in your wardrobe. Our Two Tone boots are some of our favorites.

Fringe Cowgirl Boots


Fringe cowgirl boots are a Western staple. They don't add much function but they do add a lot of fun!


As you can see there is a lot to take in when deciding on a pair of new cowgirl boots. We suggest buying a pair for situations (dancing, concerts, work) you find yourself in more often. Then find the style that works for you. Find handmade cowgirl boots at Soto Boots and rest assured that all of our boots come at an honest price. We're here to help if you have any questions!